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Choose from the following workshops or let Susan design a workshop to fit your personal or group interest.

Expressions of the Spirit

As  we shift roles, changes places and move through time, three questions recur in the evolution of our lives . . .
Who am I?  Why am I here?  What do I want?
Find the answers to these questions and more as you explore identity, life purpose, values and direction through writing and sharing group wisdom in circle. Dive deeply into the expression of your divine Self.

Conversations on Creativity

Give voice and strength to your deep creative desires as you explore the obstacles and challenges to living fully. Using art, writing process and poetry, you will discover true purpose and meaning in life and find permission to fully express your authentic Self. Also suitable for individual or group retreat.

Journal to the SELF® *

Thousands of people who have benefited from the Journal to the SELF® workshop agree: Journal writing is a joy! Writing is a way to discover self, to integrate personal experience, thoughts, and dreams. Learn dozens of new ways to tap into the vast knowledge stored in your subconscious. *Susan de Wardt is a certified instructor and licensed to present the Journal to the Self® workshop developed by author Kathleen Adams and based on her book by the same name.

Beyond Words: The Art of the Journal

Explore the potential of color and visual imagery as alternatives to language. BEYOND WORDS integrates art and contemporary journal practice, providing participants with intensive personal experience in using art for self-expression. Don’t let language get in your way!

Writing Your Life

The inside story on how to capture life’s precious moments. This memoir writing workshop or retreat will provide you with tools, direction, and abundant encouragement to jump start the process of recovering the vivid details of ordinary as well as extraordinary life moments. Discover important story lines hidden in your life and learn ways to increase detail, story-telling capability, and organization. Everyone has a story to tell–don’t wait a moment longer to begin telling yours.

What’s in Your Journal?

The writer’s journal is a primary resource for characters, place descriptions, records of events and random information that fuels creative expression. Learn helpful tips to shift your journal practice from confessional writing to a place where you can practice craft, clarify thoughts and find new inspiration for writing projects.

 Word Play: Flex Your Writing Muscles:

Playing with words is a delightful way to improve writing skills while refreshing your appreciation of the sound and texture of language. These quick exercises are designed to energize writing and inspire flow in a zany, unorthodox way. Be surprised by the unusual and often extraordinary outcomes experienced when you have fun with words!

 So You Want to be a Writer? – giving yourself permission to create

What stops you from claiming the title: WRITER?  Think you don’t have talent? Taking cues from poetry to initiate self-discovery and dialogue, this interactive workshop uses reflective writing process to identify fears and barriers to creativity. Learn to silence the inner critic and move into a resounding, life-affirming Yes  for your creativite writing success.

Writing Around the Block

New writer stumped for writing topics? Long time writer stymied and unable to continue?

This experiential workshop will add vitality to your writing process.  Learn how to turn a familiar neighborhood into scenery and sense of place.  Discover rich characterization and add new meaning to the question: “Where are you from?”

Playing With Words…

When did you last sit down and write for the fun of it? Liberate your imagination as we take cues from poetry and a variety of tried-and-true journal techniques to rediscover the creative writer that lives within. Even the most reluctant writer will find new energy and enthusiasm for writing process as we remember how to play with words. You’ll leave the workshop with dozens of fresh ideas and old favorites for
warm-ups and inspirational self-discovery


Taking cues from nature and poetry, discover deeply held beliefs about your environment, sense of place and your connection to the natural world through writing practice. You don’t have to live at Walden Pond to get close to nature!

NEW!!  Spirit Dolls: Soul Portraits in Cloth

Explore the potential for self-expression through doll-making. This half-day workshop provides you with techniques for translating personal experience into symbol.  Discover and connect with important aspects of your Self and create a doll to embody those characteristics.  Your completed SOUL MATE doll provides tangible evidence of creative ability and serves as a reminder of your powerful inner self.

Dream Weaving

Bring the power of your night mind to the light of day as you explore the personal meaning of your dream symbols. Learn to unravel the the underlying story and content of dreams using journal techniques and group interpretation. Harness the power of your creative imagination in service of full self-expression and new life direction.

A Story to Live By

Personal story and myth are the tools we use to give meaning to our lives. Discover the stories that have shaped your life. Recover your authentic self as you write a new story of your life for the future.

The Paper Event

Joyful, creative immersion in everything you need for your writing practice. A mélange of journal prompts, reflective writing experience, art, and hand-made journals.
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