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The Write Way to Coach: 

      Journal Techniques for Coaches and their Clients


This  6-week  coach specific online journaling course will introduce you to a variety of ways to use journaling with your clients. Learn at least ten different journal strategies with specific applications for business and personal coaching. Discover how to use a journal for your own life management and professional success. Experience the latest developments in journal writing practice to maximize your effectiveness in using journal coaching strategies with clients. 

If you are already using writing process in your work with others, it’s essential to stay in touch with your own writing practice. This exclusive personal experience with the Journal to the Self  techniques will provide you with new tools for working with your clients while it enhances your ability to relate to your client’s journal entries and writing process.

If you are new to the idea of using journaling with your clients, this class will open your eyes to the amazing opportunities journaling offers for increased coaching productivity. Achieve  faster results as you and your client tap into deep personal resources and information, track your process and progress, increase client satisfaction and awareness, develop a long-lasting relationship with your self through journal writing practice. 

Coaches who experience this online writing workshop will immediately see how to implement the Journal to the Self  techniques with clients.  The interactive online format provides a personal learning environment in the comfort of your own home or office  where you can share with other coaches the innovative experience of  incorporating writing process into a regular coaching practice.

Contact us now to enroll in this individual online learning opportunity. Each module will be delivered to you in a weekly format. Your journal homework will be reviewed; you will receive individual feedback to support your journal practice and to provide the best journaling coaching to your clients.

Cost is $295

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For anyone who wants to learn how to keep a journal or improve their current journal practice:                            

                        Does your journal need a jumpstart?

Journal to the Self® is now available online through Mindworks Coaching!

The signature workshop that started the movement in therapeutic writing is now available online. Let Susan guide you through the complete Journal to the SELF® writing process in the comfort of your own home and in your own time frame. Lesson modules are posted weekly to a group list where you can download and work at your convenience. Experience the writing process then post your discoveries for feedback and support.

Thousands of people who have benefited from the Journal to the SELF® workshop agree:

Journal Writing is a joy!

Writing is a way to discover self, to integrate personal experience, thoughts and dreams. In this 12 hour workshop you will experience and practice the entire “toolbox” of reflective writing techniques made famous by the classic book  Journal to the Self * by author Kathleen Adams. Learn to use a journal to gently but powerfully explore the various aspects of your life, self and relationships. Discover unique ways to solve problems, relieve stress, and celebrate experience. Explore your creativity as you develop your unique and authentic self through reflective writing practice.

* The Journal to the SELF® workshop developed byauthor Kathleen Adams and based on her book by the same name is taught by certified instructors only. Susan de Wardt is one of the select few recognized for her expertise in reflective writing and licensed to present this workshop in person and online format.

* * *  Journal to the SELF® workshops are conducted regularly throughout the year. Contact Susan for the next start date OR gather your own group and let Susan bring the workshop to you. This basic 12-hour format can be customized to fit all schedules.   Minimum 6 participants required for private groups.

CONTACT SUSAN now for more information about the next online course.