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Jul 27 2014

Playing with Words: 20 Odd Questions

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My husband subscribes to the online version of the Wall Street Journal. I don’t like to read the newspaper on line. I want to curl up in bed with a cup of tea and the newspaper folded just so; precisely into halves-vertically or horizontally-the same way my father would fold his Wall Street Journal at […]

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Apr 02 2014

Amusing Questions from the Internet….

My husband closed down his office after thirteen years and moved all of his accumulated books and treasures back home.  While sifting through a neglected box of books I found a little booklet pondering some of life’s important mysteries that had been gleaned from the Internet – which is, of course, the source of all […]

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Mar 26 2014

Feck and Feckless

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What the Feck?! In this morning’s newspaper editorial Jonah Goldberg described a particular presidential phrase as “utterly lacking in feck.”  I thought:  what the feck?  I’ve heard of feckless but had never come across the root word on its own. I have a pretty extensive vocabulary thanks to my father who required that I regularly […]

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Aug 08 2011

Playing with Words: Ekphrasis

For the past several weeks I’ve been having some fun teaching an online course titled the “Joy of Writing”  for the Therapeutic Writing Institute. In my business as a writing coach and workshop facilitator sometimes I neglect my own creative process. Playing with words is one way to juice up my writing in a short […]

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Aug 05 2011

Spoken Word Poetry – Connecting To Life With Words

Enjoy this video clip by Sarah Kay as she speaks her poems and talks about finding a voice through spoken poetry. Includes great tips on writing from life – why we tell our stories.

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