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Journaling has the ability to transform your life. When you journal, your thoughts, dreams and aspirations become more tangible. You begin to see how your mind works and where you focus your time and energy. This increase in awareness provides the insight necessary to shift your energy and attention to what matters most in your life and career. Regular journaling will accelerate your time frame for achieving goals and experiencing full life satisfaction.

Connect to yourself and others. Find balance and your place in the world.

Mindworks Coaching’s new on-line, guided journal community is part journaling, part e-learning, and part social networking with a group of people engaged in the process of self-discovery and increasing awareness through reflective writing.  Our ground-breaking journal program is a safe and secure place to journal as you continue your path to personal growth and success.

Here’s what you get for Free!

  • A full year of weekly journaling prompts
  • Support from a Certified Journal Facilitator to create a journal writing practice that works for you!
  • A safe, secure online journal for yourself,  to share with just your coach, or with the entire journal community.
  • Frequent comments and a bit of coaching from a Life Coach to help you unravel your thoughts and challenges
  • Tools to track your progress with our Goal Setting and Tracking feature.
  • Members-only access and discounts on premium Virtual Journaling, e-Courses and special Guest Expert Courses.
  • Get your questions answered in our free monthly Community Teleclasses.

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