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May 11 2015

Every Day a Holiday!

I was cutting up old magazines last night in preparation for another visual journaling workshop. Among my used magazines was an out-of-date copy of O that I don’t remember reading.  As I skimmed through the pages I found some interesting directives for putting more joy into life.  This one especially caught my eye:  Play with the idea […]

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Mar 04 2015

Revising the Vision:

Aside from using your journal to create, commit and review your goals, you can also use writing process to revise resolutions that are no longer viable or important. Life changes daily and sometimes what we wanted in January is not what we want in June. With the support of your writing practice you may actually find yourself […]

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Apr 02 2014

Amusing Questions from the Internet….

My husband closed down his office after thirteen years and moved all of his accumulated books and treasures back home.  While sifting through a neglected box of books I found a little booklet pondering some of life’s important mysteries that had been gleaned from the Internet – which is, of course, the source of all […]

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Jan 02 2014

The Year in Review

What a whirlwind 2013 was for me!  I travelled many miles on business and for pleasure.  Some things worked for me – and some things did not.  I accomplished some goals while others slipped into obscurity.  Overall it was an exciting and robust year…and I wouldn’t feel as good about it as I do now […]

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Dec 14 2013

The Write Way to Manage Holiday Stress

As we move into this holiday season I am filled with trepidation.  I have not lost my childlike excitement for Christmas.  I like the tree, the sound of carols, the baking and decorating and shopping for gifts.  Yet after the holidays I feel flat and unsatisfied. This year I turned my pre-season thoughts to expectations and used […]

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Jun 01 2012


  The biggest problem for most of my clients  (and face it, my family, too!) is procrastination – putting off that which you could do today because something else got in the way. Procrastination is often the result of distraction – we are pulled away from the to-do list because we haven’t fully committed to […]

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May 27 2012

The Crazy Ones

A coaching colleague sent me this youtube link yesterday and I’ve watched it a half dozen times already. It reminds me that the people who make a difference in the world are those who speak out.  Writers throughout time have made it their business to share ideas with the world through language. You may agree […]

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May 19 2012

Spring – a time when thoughts and new projects ‘take root’…

Spring is always a time for change and contemplation. New shoots appear in the garden; flowers sprout beside the weeds. I spent the weekend pulling weeds, thinning dense patches of spreading ground cover to use in patching bare spots. Cultivating is a healthy activity for me – a chance to let my mind wander and […]

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Aug 05 2011

Spoken Word Poetry – Connecting To Life With Words

Enjoy this video clip by Sarah Kay as she speaks her poems and talks about finding a voice through spoken poetry. Includes great tips on writing from life – why we tell our stories.

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Jul 20 2011

Where do writers get their ideas?

I’m at a writing conference this week: From Passion to Profit –learning about success strategies and how to become slightly famous. What I love most about writers conferences is the time in between when we gather for meals and conversation. This morning our breakfast conversation drifted from foods we love to strange foods we’ve eaten […]

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