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What Clients Are Saying:

a restaurant owner considering retirement
In the last year I have been wrestling with lifestyle changes and was floundering. Susan’s coaching was the tool I needed to get off dead center and start redirecting my life. The lessons learned helped me get in touch with my dreams and create a new vision for my future. I now feel that I am on a new path with clear and do-able steps toward the next phase in my life.

a recent MBA grad seeking career transition
When I sought Susan’s services, I was at a low point in my life. I had no direction and felt restless. Susan put me through a life ‘clean-up’ regimen. With her encouragement and support I was able to face my fears and follow my heart. Through the use of art, creativity, writing and our weekly talks, Susan helped me get where I am today, in Chile, where I’m meeting new people, working for a wonderful company and learning Spanish. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.

a craftsman facing the challenge of moving from hobby to full time business
Susan has made a huge difference in my life. She helped me see how much more I could be. Together we visualized how to present myself and my products; I have the confidence to run a successful business. The most important part is that my sales have more than doubled. I really have a future in business; I’m not just selling crafts.