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Mindworks Coaching: Programs and Workshops
Designed with the Client in Mind

“Susan walks the mystical path with practical feet.”
—coaching client

Every life path is unique.

Susan de Wardt

Susan de Wardt

As a coach I am trained to listen deeply to YOUR story, to hear the subtle but important nuances that tell me you are ready to make a shift. I act as a mirror for you, helping you see who YOU are and what YOU want.

I provide individual and group coaching programs that are always responsive to client needs, resources and individual lifestyles.

Online Coaching

Online coaching is very powerful.  Mindworks Coaching  utilizes a ground-breaking online journal system making it possible for you to receive customized attention from your coach within a flexible time frame.

As your Coach, I will read all of your journal entries and provide you with personal detailed feedback to accelerate your goal achievement.

Here’s what you get with Online Coaching:

  • A minimum of 12 interactions each month with your personal coach; that’s 3-5 times the traditional coach/client interaction frequency in the coaching industry!
  • Weekly, secure, personal online coaching.
  • Weekly guided journaling assignments designed to systematically take you through the steps of awareness, practice and action necessary to achieve success.
  • Social networking interaction and the opportunity to share the journaling experience with others who are interested in making significant changes in their lives.
  • Member access to Mindworks Coaching client exclusive webinars and tele-seminars on a variety of subjects and with featured speakers.

Contact Susan to join.

Group Coaching

Ten empowering weeks of group coaching targeted to maximize your full potential to create the life you’ve only imagined possible. Each week you will participate in a group conference call that fully explores one key aspect of your development. Each call focuses on a targeted subject with a clearly articulated theme intended to move you forward toward your vision for the future.  Here is what is included in your Ten Week Mindworks Coaching Group Program:

  • A private orientation call with your coach.
  • Daily guided journaling with our groundbreaking new online journal program.
  • As your personal coach I will read your journal and make comments that will challenge, entice, support and engage you to grow and make the changes you desire.
  • Monthly group coaching calls designed to highlight and share client breakthroughs, as well as address relevant client challenges and bring coaching solutions to those challenges.
  • Connection with other group members who are all interested in working on growing and developing in awareness so they can achieve success in their lives and fulfill their dreams and goals as well.
  • A structured support system and journal community that will be available to you well beyond the initial seventy days.

Contact Susan to join.

Mindworks Coaching Exclusive One-on-One Coaching

Working one-on-one with a coach is a life changing experience, allowing you to unleash a vision so real you can’t miss your target. As coach and client we will define a scope of work that speaks to YOUR vision and life path then design a flexible, productive coaching program that speeds you on your way to realizing your full potential.   Mindworks Coaching clients experience intense ‘aha’ moments that lead them to challenge, redefine and reframe their thinking process to create monumental shifts in careers, relationships and life strategies. Private coaching is personalized, designed to facilitate growth in YOUR specific goal areas and includes journal prompts specifically targeted to meet your needs. Your journal is read regularly by me as your personal coach and you receive continual feedback, queries and comments over the duration of your coaching commitment.

Contact Susan to schedule a free half-hour introductory conversation to find out which style of coaching works best for you.