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About Susan de Wardt

Susan de Wardt is a masterful facilitator of process — insightful, courageous, compassionate. She excels at using journal writing techniques to build the bridge from “current reality” to the highest actualization of dreams and visions.
Kathleen Adams, author, Journal to the Self
Director, Center for Journal Therapy
Susan DeWardt, Journal Coach

Susan DeWardt, Journal Coach

Susan de Wardt, CJF, CAPF, is a Life Coach, writer, artist, certified journal and poetry  facilitator, and NFBPT provisional Mentor/Supervisor. She presents workshops and coaches individuals, groups, and organizations throughout the United States and internationally.

Before entering the field of human potential development, Susan was a research engineer. Her well-developed analytical skills make it possible for her to accurately follow a process and make necessary adjustments to improve the outcome. During her ten-year adventure as an expatriate resident in Europe and the Far East, Susan learned that the most important process of all is the process people use to create life satisfaction and results. This discovery led to the creation of the Mindworks Coaching integrated coaching process.

From 1983 to 1993, Susan made five international moves and each time reinvented her self. In spite of being a successful engineer, mother and wife, she recognized over time that she had to express other parts of herself as well. Learning new languages and new cultures as she moved from engineer to childbirth educator to holistic psychotherapist provided experiential learning far beyond anything a textbook could provide. By uncovering her own talents, Susan learned how to create a truly fulfilling life.

Today, with the addition of a four-year internship in alternative psychotherapy (NLP, bioenergetics, meditation and visualization) and specialized training in journal writing, poetry facilitation, contemporary coaching practices and leadership, Susan puts all of her experience to work in the service of others. She combines her lifelong passion for writing and art with a keen attention to the story of others as she helps people find a place in a world of their own choosing.

When not traveling, Susan makes her home in the mountains of Northwest Colorado where she enjoys winter sports, hiking, writing, participating in community theater, and wacky philosophical discussions with her friends. She is currently working on her book Expressions of the Spirit, a compilation of essays on life experience with prompts and techniques for creating and achieving your own vision of happiness.

Susan is a member and co-facilitator of the Steamboat Springs Writers Group and has moderated the Day for Writers annual conference for the past six years. Recognized for her expertise in the practice of reflective writing, she is certified to present the workshop Journal to the Self® and is currently President of the National Federation of Biblio-Poetry Therapy. A member of the Board of Trustees of the East Routt Library District and artist team member of the Community Collaborative Planning Process for the Arts, Susan is dedicated to bringing the power of language and art to the foreground of daily life.

Enjoy this interview with Susan by author and journal therapy pioneer Kathleen Adams on her Wisdom Radio program, Journaling For a Better Life:

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