May 11 2015

Every Day a Holiday!

CupcakesI was cutting up old magazines last night in preparation for another visual journaling workshop. Among my used magazines was an out-of-date copy of O that I don’t remember reading.  As I skimmed through the pages I found some interesting directives for putting more joy into life.  This one especially caught my eye:  Play with the idea of making your days special.  Every month for the rest of this year, either invent a holiday or find an unusual one to celebrate.  I like this idea.  Life is too boring sometimes. And why should we wait for government holidays or commercially dedicated days to enjoy a special celebration?

Searching the internet, I found a wonderful site: which provides a list of holidays for any date entered.  On the list for today, Monday May 11th is: Eat What You Want Day which is such a relief since I already over spent on my calorie limit by having lunch at Taco Bell.  Never mind! It’s a holiday—I was celebrating.

If you don’t need an excuse to eat something off limits, how about going to the Outer Limit and observe National Twilight Zone Day?  I’m not sure what to do for that one.  Dress up as an alien?  The first episode of The Twilight Zone portrayed a lone serviceman who arrives in a town which appears to be very recently deserted.  Hot coffee steams in cups on the counter in the town diner but no waitress of chef are on duty to take an order.  The man goes into the cinema where he can smell hot popcorn and hear music, but there is no movie or audience.  It turns out he is part of an experiment in sensory deprivation and research scientists are observing him through a one way mirrored window.  Hmmm. . . . To celebrate this holiday properly will I have to spend a day in a darkened room, floating in body temperature water?  I think I’ll take a pass on this holiday; it sounds like more fright than fun to me. I’ll leave that for Halloween.

Next on today’s list is more appealing:  May 11 is also Hostess Cupcake Day. The Hostess Baking Company almost went out of business a few years ago but thanks to consumer demand, they’re restocking grocery shelves with their tasty little snack cakes: Twinkies, Cupcakes, and Sno-balls to name a few. Now I have an excuse to eat one more of those rich chocolate mini-cakes with the creamy filling and icing squiggle on top.  My mother put Hostess Cupcakes in my lunch sack years and years ago.  I really liked those Hostess cupcakes – until they invented the Suzy-Q and I switched my allegiance to a folded chocolate cake sandwich.  How could I refuse a sweet treat named after me? Sadly, Hostess doesn’t make Suzy-Q’s anymore but this Suzy can still have a cupcake.

The final entry for today is National Root Canal Appreciation Day. Now as a holiday that one’s a stretch of the imagination for me! I have friends who have had root canals and they didn’t seem particularly happy or appreciative of any part of the experience.  However, if I continue to celebrate holidays by eating anything I want and stuffing myself with Hostess Cupcakes, I’ll probably be ready for a Root Canal very soon.

I think I’m getting hooked on this every day a holiday adventure.  I have to hurry and get ready for tomorrow.  It’s National Limerick Day.  . . .

Let’s see:   there was an old lady from Brewster . . . .

Journal Prompts:

Create your own holiday. Write a history of the holiday and directions for celebrating!

Create a limerick in honor of National Limerick Day.

Write about a favorite food you like to eat.

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