Feb 25 2015

Review, Evaluate, Recommit

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Every resolution has a potential for success, and every resolution is only that – a resolution.  Your goals are not cast in stone but rather are flexible and dynamic plans to help you stay focused.  Writing down resolutions and action steps makes you twice as likely to succeed but in order to know if your  plan is delivering what you want in the way of life and career satisfaction you must review your progress at frequent intervals. Measuring your performance is the only way you can really know if you are on the right track!  The more frequently you review your progress the more quickly you can adjust your plan as needed to increase your chance of success. Once you have written your goals, keep writing throughout the year to track your progress and ensure success.

Try this:  Write daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly progress reports to quantify and compare your performance at regular intervals:

  •    How Many did I achieve?   – How Many did I expect?
  •    How Much did I accomplish?   -  What did I expect to accomplish?
  •    How Much did I say I would do?    -  How much did I get done?
  •    Today (This week, this month)   I achieved . . .
  •    What’s left to be accomplished?

Beware the temptation to fault yourself for not achieving as much as you expected.  You may have expected too much in too short a time - or you may not fully have committed to the goal as you first described it.  Writing about your progress will help you determine what needs to be changed in order for you to succeed.

  •      what’s working for me is. . .
  •      what’s not working for me  is. . .
  •      My next best step(s) to take  . . .

Setting goals often stimulates resistance. A thousand reasons ‘why not’ compete with our focus and desire to achieve.  Using your journal will keep you focused on the goal, not the obstacles.

  • What’s standing in the way of my success?
  • One way to resolve my obstacle is . . .

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