Jan 02 2014

The Year in Review

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What a whirlwind 2013 was for me!  I travelled many miles on business and for pleasure.  Some things worked for me – and some things did not.  I accomplished some goals while others slipped into obscurity.  Overall it was an exciting and robust year…and I wouldn’t feel as good about it as I do now if I wasn’t keeping a journal.

The journal is a phenomenal record of events – both personal and public.  My journal keeps track of my life within the context of the current affairs in my local environment and in the world.  If  in the moment I may feel less than successful I can review the incredible outpouring of support and validation I experienced as a keynote speaker for two international conferences.  Journal keeping gives me perspective.  My life is not contained in a single day but is a product of many days, many events, many experiences.

To close out the last year and help set goals for the new year, take some time to reflect on what happened last year.  If you have been keeping a journal this should be easy for you – you can skim your entries or look for key words/events that tell the story of the past year.

If you have not been keeping a journal, don’t worry. You can sit down now and create a time-line of past events.  Many newspapers and news magazines will have a countdown of the top ten events of the year.  This may help trigger your memory:  where were you? what were you doing? when did each of these major events occur?

Consider next what important milestones you passed: did you change jobs? change residence? Take a long-awaited special vacation? Did you have a major birthday or other event?

Don’t try to whitewash your review either.  If you had some major disappointments, acknowledge them.  Give yourself credit for living through the events. Try to capture the learning.  Whatever happened may have made you stronger or brought you to some realization about your self and the person you wish to become.

When you have constructed your timeline, take your journal and write for ten or fifteen minutes.  You can use the following prompts:

This year has been for me …

The theme of this year has been…

or What has been the them of this past year?

Follow your write by reading your entry and summarizing it in one sentence:

Now that I read what I’ve written I notice ….

Discovering your theme for last year will help you find direction for the year to come. When you are writing you will be able to find balance and perspective; you will see both sides. Learn to let go of that which no longer fits for you and take action for the future.

For your last write start with this prompt:

“Next year at this time I will …..”  Imagining your future brings it closer to reality.

Happy  New Year everyone.


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