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May 27 2012

The Crazy Ones

A coaching colleague sent me this youtube link yesterday and I’ve watched it a half dozen times already. It reminds me that the people who make a difference in the world are those who speak out.¬† Writers throughout time have made it their business to share¬†ideas with the world through language. You may agree […]

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May 21 2012

Pen vs. Keyboard? Which is best?

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In this hi-tech age, many people ask me: Is it okay to write on the computer? Call me old-fashioned, but I think writing by hand helps the imaginative process flow. Of course for today’s young people, thinking and typing seem to be simultaneous. I cannot do it. When I get to the computer I’m in […]

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May 19 2012

Spring – a time when thoughts and new projects ‘take root’…

Spring is always a time for change and contemplation. New shoots appear in the garden; flowers sprout beside the weeds. I spent the weekend pulling weeds, thinning dense patches of spreading ground cover to use in patching bare spots. Cultivating is a healthy activity for me – a chance to let my mind wander and […]

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May 11 2012

Everyone Can Write Poetry

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So many people tell me that they “can’t write poetry” – I say ” Of course you can! If you can speak, or think and write, you can create poetry.” I think what people really mean to say is that they can’t write poetry that looks like the forms they learned in high school. Today […]

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