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Welcome to Mindworks Coaching:
Transforming Lives through Language, Story and Art

So many of us are leading a life we don’t want – a life constructed from ideas we internalized from our parents, from our educators, from our cultural background. Every day I hear people say: “if only I could….”

Mindworks Coaching offers a unique blend of right and left brain techniques to create the kind of ‘aha moments’ that allow you to get really clear about what you want to do and how to go about unleashing your imaginative powers to create the life you want.

With thoughtful inquiry, compelling dialogue, and journal writing process you’ll learn how your mind works so you can move from a boxed in lifestyle to full expression of your authentic self.

Founded by writer, artist, and Life Coach Susan de Wardt, Mindworks Coaching provides individual coaching and group support for people seeking change to a fuller life.

Mindworks ground-breaking online journal community and specialty workshops in reflective writing, self-discovery, and creativity will enrich your learning experience, empower you on your journey, and provide tools for a lifetime of full self-expression.

Find out how YOU can say “YES” to the things that really matter
in order to create the life that you never thought possible.